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      A Story Focused Filmmaker

                    Stephen M. Pace

Stephen Pace,  Miami native, earned membership into the Screen Actors Guild in 1991, relocating to Los Angeles, studying acting and screenwriting at UCLA, becoming a Disciple of Character and Story, recalling, “LA forces the self-aware to choose their strongest attributes or get devoured. LA is like a pride of lions gorging on a zebra while still is unattractive, but makes the heard stronger”. Pace believes that all aspects of filmmaking are subservient to Character and Story.  Many filmmakers pass on powerful story elements, opting for movies carried by Special Effects -- not Pace.“Great films are built on Character and Story -- stories should be intensely visceral.  A seasoned Los Angeles actor, Pace learned the Zen-like art of fully placing his attention on someone else; seeing nuanced facial cues; hearing changes in voice -- when an actor's experiences are authentic, not contrived. “Those are magic moments”, Pace knowing that a Director must spare no effort in capturing these moments for the audience.  A graduate of the Full Sail University Film Program, Pace has completed a 15minute short, Edward Teach adapted from his brutally, romantic feature-length screenplay, Blackbeard . Pace is currently pursuing his Masters in Entertainment Business at Full Sail while developing a series based on his film. Pace has also penned numerous features, finishing in the Final 30 of the Motion Picture Academy Nicholl Fellowship on four occasions, Finalist in the Walt Disney Studios Diversity Fellowship and is recipient of the Jame A. Michener Award from the University of Texas.

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