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                                                   Story Focused Film - Mission Statement


Story Focused Film is inspired by compelling stories with memorable characters. We hold firmly to a canon that believes that all aspects of filmmaking are subservient to Character and Story because audiences clamor to be immersed the character’s journey, not simply be a spectator.


We strive to develop visceral, emotionally raw stories for audiences 18 to 45 that transport viewers into new worlds in a primal, truthful way; action that leaves viewers with teeth and fists clenched; lovers sharing torrid moments that few dare experience, leaving audiences breathless and gut-wrenching remorse that devastates and ravages emotions. 


We create unvarnished, iconic characters with inner moral dimension, tormented by moral conflicts that resonate deeply with audiences who crave to connect and participate in the character’s journey, dragged into the world of the heroes they love and the villains they love to hate, tormented by insatiable appetites to devour more and more content until they are gorged and emotionally spent. 


Story Focused Film creates story franchises of different scope and budget; stories that have you embroiled in a torrid affair and chased by bulls through Pamplona, Spain, running for your life alongside Ernest Hemingway or taking a 2000 year quest of love and loss with a tortured immortal Roman Centurion or pillaging and plundering  with Blackbeard the pirate as he is betrayed in a tragic, love-triangle or meeting your soulmate over a cup of coffee and game of Chess in a psychiatric care facility…all while your spouse sits beside you. These are just a few the projects that Story Focused Film has developed. We would love to share them with you and audiences around the world.

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